Past events

Myth and Mystery in the Machars :: [ Wigtown Book Festival 2014]
Tuesday 30th September 2014 @ The Booth, Wigtown

Part of the Wigtown Book Festival.  Do you know your Kelpies from your Selkies? State of Play promises an evening of fun and games exploring myths and legends of Scotland. Part roleplay, part gameplay, completely entertaining (4 hours approx).

Board Games for Scottish Autism :: [ Charity Event ]
Sunday 3rd August 2014 12 noon to 6pm @ Common Ground Games, Stirling

A board games event that we supported in aid of Scottish Autism, held on Sunday 3rd August at Common Ground Games in Stirling.

There was a big library of games available to play, with enthusiastic volunteers on hand to help teach the games. All proceeds went to Scottish Autism.

Science Board Games :: [ Glasgow Science Festival 2014]
8th June 2014 12:00-15:00 @ The Sparkle Horse, Dowanhill Street

Board games with a science-y twist! Enjoy an afternoon saving the world from pandemic flu, solving the global warming crisis, preventing lab explosions or even just creating the best dinosaur zoo.

Children welcome accompanied by an adult.

The Games People Play: Social Science in Games :: [ Festival of Social Science 2013]
9 November 2013


“The Games People Play: Social Science in Games” was an event run as part of the ERSC Festival of Social Science and hosted at Common Ground Games in Stirling.

Storytelling Games :: [ Scottish Storytelling Festival 2013 ]
25 October 2013

As part of National Storytelling Day, we joined forces with storyteller Renita Boyle to run an event packed with storytelling games at Beltie Books and Cafe in Wigtown.  Gloom was the main attraction, and we also introduced people to Love Letter, Dixit, Article 27 and The Resistance (both the dystopian and Arthurian version).

A great little venue and enthusiastic participants made for a brilliant evening, and we hope to return to Wigtown at some point in 2014.

Canal Games :: [ Kirkintilloch Canal Festival 2013]
24-25 August 2013

Coverage of our board games event at the Kirkintilloch Canal Festival
Coverage of our board games event at the Kirkintilloch Canal Festival

Our first public participation board games event was at the Kirkintilloch Canal Festival and saw us run a drop in board games area at Cumbernauld College Campus, Kirkintilloch including board games featuring canals and waterways.

State of Play volunteers attended to help visitors to the festival in building up business empires in the canal driven industrial revolution; planning towns and cities around their waterways; and learning modern board game classics like “Settlers of Catan” and “Carcassonne” with specially selected canals and rivers gameplay.

A successful first event, we were even featured in Towpath Talk, the UK’s No. 1 free inland waterways newspaper!

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