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Hive Opening Strategy – the Arachnid Slingshot

I love Hive – which is a tile laying game of two unlikely teams of bugs swarming around, beside and on top of each other in an attempt to surround the other team’s Queen Bee first.  I usually describe it to newcomers as “like chess, but with insects – and no board”.

I have Hive Pocket, which is the travel version of this game with slightly smaller hexagonal tiles (which are still just as gorgeous) all wrapped up in a hard-to-miss but easy-to-carry orange drawstring bag.  My seven year old son is pretty amazing at this game and regularly beats me.  I am starting to suspect that he may be half-insect – or that I may be really bad at Hive.

During our summer holidays last year, one of my favourite memories was of my wife and I drinking cider in the beer garden outside our hotel, playing Hive while the kids ran around the playpark.  Summer evenings were made for this!

Anyway, over the many games I have played, I have developed an opening strategy of sorts.  It is fairly common ground that the Beetles are the most powerful pieces in the game, allowing you to trap other pieces in a “stack” underneath them  If you can ever manage to get one of your Beetles on top of your opponent’s Queen, then the game is certainly tipping in your favour.

This opening set of moves is designed to get your Beetle into the front line and heading for the opponent’s Queen in the shortest possible time.

As simple as that!  What do you think of this strategy?  Would it work for your own style of play?  Do you have any strategy tips of your own?  Please share below…