Who we are

iainbeard Iain Nisbet
Baritone Litigator

Iain was brought up on a diet of games that were far too long for his long suffering family to stomach.  Back in the days when Games Workshop made board games, he waded through classics like Blood Bowl, Warrior Knights, Blood Royale (aka genealogy – the game) and Rogue Trooper.

At Secondary School, the principal English teacher began a games club (briefly known as HAGS, until political correctness got the better of that name) and the gaming bug really bit.  A lifelong Diplomacy addiction and the creation of a cowardly Duke of Gwent in Call of Cthulhu RPG can be traced to this moment.  Highlights include being elected “Gamer of the Year” and being late for the start of his Maths Standard Grade exam as a result of too much gaming!

In recent years, Iain’s board games collection has expanded rapidly – as has his enthusiasm for spreading the “gaming gospel” to others.  The recently founded Antonine Board Gamers has allowed Iain to play games in the pub with his friends – one of life’s simple pleasures.  At the moment, his favourite games include: Avalon – The Resistance; Battlestar Gallactica; Game of Thrones and Apples to Apples.

?????????????????????????????Alasdair Rutherford
Social Scientist

Alasdair began with the classics: Battleships, Cluedo and Monopoly. But it was dungeon-crawling in HeroQuest that really sparked his interest, before graduating to Dungeons and Dragons.  For a time gaming became all about trading cards when Magic: The Gathering took off (the first time), but Alasdair enjoyed the trading almost as much as playing.

However, weekend-long games of Avalon Hill’s Civilization kept him routed in games with boards, although for several years in his 20s those games were just a distant memory.  A renewed interest in games was sparked by playing Settlers of Catan, and then Agricola, before the floodgates opened …

Now Alasdair manages much more regular gaming sessions, and the number of ‘unplayed’ games in his collection is thankfully dwindling.  Alasdair also tries to use games in his work – teaching social science – and after meeting Iain over a shared love of Civilization now looks for any opportunity to show anyone the pleasure of games.  Alasdair’s (current) favourite games include Suburbia, Last Night on Earth, and A Few Acres of Snow.

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